HYDRIVE Engineering awarded again as "Innovative through Research"

  The Stifterverband repeatedly awarded the logo "Innovative…
Two-wheel tractor 6400 - Prototype

HYDRIVE shows versatility in its next-generation hand-operated two-wheel tractors

Agria has collaborated with HYDRIVE Engineering to develop the new 6400 series of two-wheel tractors. Within just three months, HYDRIVE Engineering developed and fine-tuned a control system for the novel electric drive concept. Agria was able to present the prototypes of the 6400 model series at Demopark 2017 in Eisenach.
Logo Agritechnica 2017

Invitation to AGRITECHNICA 2017 – The preparations are underway

“Control tests – automatic, reproducible, smart.” With this motto HYDRIVE Engineering invites on its booth E53 (hall 27) at Agritechnica between 12th and 18th Nov 2017.

HYDRIVE Engineering is part of the Smart Workbench research project

HYDRIVE Engineering is involved in the research project "Smart Workbench". The company therefore again emphasises on its claim to acitvely push research.

Testing Without a Prototype – the HiL Test Rig

In collaboration with ESI ITI and Palfinger Platforms HYDRIVE Engineering works on new methods to develop machines while reducing the number of necessary prototypes. The key to optimisation is called efficient software testing at HiL test rigs.
ESI SimulationX User Forum 2016 - Quelle: ESI ITI GmbH - Fotograf: Friedemann Thomas

HYDRIVE Engineering at the ESI SimulationX User Forum

On 24th and 25th November 2016 HYDRIVE Engineering again participated the ESI SimulationX User Forum at Börse Dresden.
Dr. Hilmar Jähne as co-CEO

Dr. Hilmar Jähne appointed as co-CEO

Dr. Hilmar Jähne was appointed co-CEO of Hydrive Engineering. He joins forces with Dr. Thomas Neubert in leading the company.
HYDRIVE Engineering honoured with award "Innovative Trough Research"

HYDRIVE Engineering has once again received the “Innovative through Research” award

Again HYDRIVE Engineering received the award "Innovative Through Research" from German Stifterverband for 2016 / 2017

Flexible control system for a wafer handling robot

Hydrive Engineering has developed an innovative control system for automation specialist Adenso's wafer handling robot. The software adapts to different variations of the robot.

Hydrive has a booth at AGRITECHNICA 2015

From 8-14 November 2015, you’ll find us in Hannover in hall 27, booth F56 under the banner “Better software for high-performance machines”. We’ll show you how easy it is to achieve time savings of 90% using automated software tests.

New location in Dresden

In Freital on the outskirts of Dresden, Hydrive Engineering GmbH is taking the next step in its corporate development, moving into a new space with more than 200 m2 in the TGF Freital.

Dynamic simulation – effective use in day-to-day development

Simulation tools are widespread in everyday industrial development processes. However, they will only make a useful contribution to development tasks if used effectively. Hydrive combines a methodical approach and outstanding technical knowledge with skilled use of tools to provide its clients with customised simulation services that enable products to be developed quickly and effectively.

1,000 forage harvester tests in one night

Hydrive has set up a Hardware-in-the-Loop test bench for a forage harvester by Claas Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH. Over 1,000 tests have been programmed so far and can now be performed automatically on each piece of new software.

Software-in-the-loop simulation speeds up machine control tests

For clients who find the hardware and software costs of “hardware-in-the-loop” technologies too high, Hydrive Engineering now offers “software-in-the-loop” testing procedures. This technique allows machine software to be tested without having to integrate electronic control unit hardware.

Control system for a valveless wheel loader

Implementing energy-efficient drive technology in mobile machines reduces fuel consumption, cutting costs for users. To ensure acceptance, these new drive technologies must maintain the same standards of operability and machine performance that users are used to. This represents a huge challenge in terms of developing the control system, as in-depth understanding of machine behaviour and drive technology is required.

Snow plough equipped with additional software functions

Machine control system software must be adapted in order for new functions to be added to existing machines. The challenge lies in integrating the new functions into the existing control system and implementing them within very short periods of time.

Developing and commissioning a concrete paver

The concrete paver was taken into operation after being successfully developed and commissioned with considerable help from Hydrive. It has now been in use on various construction sites for over six months.

New lecture course at the Dresden University of Technology

Hydraulics, sensors, electronics and software are combined to a considerable extent in mobile machines and determine the machines’ functionality, robustness and safety. The course offered by the Dresden University of Technology is based on many years of practical experience.