Hydrive at 15th ITI Symposium in Dresden

The 15th ITI Symposium took place in Dresden from 14th to 15th November 2012. There, Hydrive Engineering and KÖPPERN Aufbereitungstechnik reported on common, simulation based investigation for a risk analysis in their presentation „Intake Effect of Oversized Foreign Material in High Pressure Grinding Rolls“.

The aim of this simulation is to predict the detailed machine behavior in case of an intake of oversized metallic material and their evaluation regarding to safety requirements by law. One consequence is to eleminate expensive components which makes design of the sophisticated drive line more simple and lowers cost.

The ITI Symposium is an international conference for users and technology and drew together over 100 exhibitors and speakers from industry and research. The trade exhibition that ran in parallel to the symposium allowed a great many exhibitors to draw public attention to the latest applications, products and solutions at their stands and provided a platform for in-depth discussions of specialist and industry-specific issues.