ESI SimulationX User Forum 2016 - Quelle: ESI ITI GmbH - Fotograf: Friedemann Thomas

HYDRIVE Engineering at the ESI SimulationX User Forum

HYDRIVE Engineering attended the ESI SimulationX User Forum again in 2016. All the participants came together from 24-25th November 2016 at the Börse Dresden, where the event was well attended, in spite of its name change. The specialist conference for system simulation takes place annually, each time in a different location.

ESI SimulationX User Forum 2016

From 24-25th November 2016, SimulationX users and system simulation specialists came together at the Börse Dresden. The conference features many specialist presentations. It also serves as a platform for exchange on recent developments in the field of system simulation. For the first time, the conference took place under the name “ESI SimulationX User Forum”. Previously it has been known as the “ITI Symposium”. Last year, 180 users participated in the conference, including representatives from both industry and universities. A wide range of sectors were in attendance, including: automotive, construction, agricultural and municipal machine engineering, mining engineering and special-purpose machine engineering. For this reason, the content of the specialist conference appeals to a wide audience from a range of industries.

Active participation from HYDRIVE Engineering

HYDRIVE Engineering played an active role at the conference. Firstly, HYDRIVE Engineering had a stand at the conference, which enabled Dr Thomas Neubert and Dr Hilmar Jähne to exchange specialist knowledge and ideas with other participants. Recent developments in system simulations were a particular talking point. And secondly, HYDRIVE Engineering attracted attention with its collaboration on a project with Palfinger Platforms and ESI ITI. At the specialist presentation “SimulationX Machine Models Enhancing Machine Controls Development”, Dr Thomas Neubert shared the results of the project with the audience. The ESI ITI committee had already honoured the new findings with a nomination for the “Best Paper Award”.

Quelle: ESI ITI GmbH - Fotograf: Friedemann Thomas

Quelle: ESI ITI GmbH – Fotograf: Friedemann Thomas

Highlights of the User Forum

The technical highlights of the conference included the wide range of presentations, as well as the “Best Paper Award” and “Best Graduate Thesis Award”. The social highlight of the forum came on the 24th November 2016, in the form of an evening event at the Ballhaus Watzke in Dresden. For some impressions of the event, please click here.

For further information on the ESI SimulationX User Forum 2016, please click here. The conference is scheduled to take place again in 2017, running under the new name of “ESI DACH Forum 2017”.

HYDRIVE Engineering’s conclusion: a great platform for knowledge exchange, the conference was a total success.