Hydrive Engineering widens expertise in valve development


With the appointment of Dr.-Ing. Dirk Wehner, the Hydrive Engineering GmbH team has now gained a further highly skilled development engineer.

In the past, Dr Wehner has worked intensively on questions surrounding the virtual, simulation-based development of valves. This will help us to better support our clients with their development projects, providing everything from concept studies to technical analyses of vibration measurements.

Whether concept studies, vibration analyses, new developments or optimisations, the big challenges that face engineers developing electro-hydraulic valve systems are determined by modes of action from a variety of physical domains and show complex correlations with static and dynamic transfer characteristics. These could be flow force characteristics on the control edge or the lift force characteristics of electromagnets.

By employing modern simulation tools and taking a suitable, methodical approach, we are able to answer any questions that may arise both efficiently and reliably. The virtual prototypes developed by Hydrive Engineering allow clear savings to be made on the production of expensive, time-consuming physical prototypes. As a result, our virtual alternatives are being increasingly exploited by many clients.