New lecture concept for mechatronics students

It is not uncommon for industrial firms to support training at universities, whether through internships, research projects, equipment donations or lecture series. Industry is thus able to give tertiary education an excellent practical focus without compromising the key theoretical basis. Hydrive Engineering GmbH helps to design and deliver lectures at the Dresden University of Technology’s Fluid Technology Institute.

Students of mechatronics are introduced to the field of fluid technology in the “Drive Engineering/Actuator Technology” lecture series. This course has now been revised taking both content and didactic approaches into account. As well as devoting equal attention to hydraulics and pneumatics, the teaching primarily aims to convey a basic dynamic understanding of fluid technology systems. This has chiefly entailed adapting how the theoretical foundations are taught. The key aim is to spark students’ interest in the subject and to furnish them with the basic knowledge they need to fully understand fluid technology systems.

The lecture series is supported by calculation exercises and practical training. Increased numbers of students registering for the subsequent advanced lecture course provides clear evidence of the positive feedback received for this teaching.

Vorlesung Mechatronik