New lecture course at the Dresden University of Technology

Lecture at university.

Combinations of hydraulics, sensors, electronics and software are increasingly becoming the norm in mobile machines. This has a considerable impact on the safety and robustness of the machines as well as on manufacturers’ developing processes. The lecture course on control systems, software development and safety in mobile machines, which has been running at the Dresden University of Technology since the 2014/2015 winter semester, aims to equip participants with the relevant knowledge in a practical and structured way.

Together with Mr Erik Lautner from HYDAC International GmbH, Dr Thomas Neubert from Hydrive Engineering GmbH is initially running the lecture course for mechatronics students as part of the course offered by the Institute of Fluid Power (IFD) at the Dresden University of Technology. The course, with eight lectures, will also be open to mechanical engineering students from 2016.

The lecture course comprises the following topics:
• Introduction to system development
• Functional safety
• Machine functions, control structures, basic drive arrangements
• Control hardware and communication systems
• Requirements and main components of embedded software
• Software development and development process
• Software test and test automation