Reliable control software

We create and test software for machines, taking on not only the design, project planning and programming aspects but also the commissioning and testing of prototype machines or plants.

Our inter-disciplinary expertise in the fields of mechanics, hydraulics and control engineering gives us a holistic understanding of drive functions, enabling us to develop control software very quickly, while at the same time ensuring the machine has a high level of maturity and robustness.

Where very complex drive functions are involved, a simulation quickly identifies the detailed requirements the software must meet. The services we provide in the field of system integration include incorporating software development into the statutory requirements of the Machinery Directive.

Software test rigs

Every piece of software we develop undergoes a functional test in our software test rigs, with the original control system tested against a simulation model of the machine.

By using a software test rig, it is possible to take into account at an early stage the actual machine behaviour when developing the software, thereby promoting collaboration between SW developers and design engineers. This considerably reduces the cost of commissioning the prototype machine or plant and the time involved, as it is possible to prioritise the typical problems arising in software development and resolve them inexpensively.

Let us help you accelerate your own software development and reduce the time spent on commissioning. Take advantage of our expertise and use our customised software test rigs with automated test cases. Our test rigs stand out thanks to their ease of operation which enables your testing personnel to conduct tests themselves very quickly and easily.

Overnight testing

We also test your software quickly, inexpensively, reliably and with repetition accuracy. Just send us your new software version in the evening and we’ll provide you with a clear test report in PDF format the following morning. This will give your software developers rapid feedback before the new software version undergoes more field trials. No source code is required!