Testing Without a Prototype – the HiL Test Rig

In collaboration with ESI ITI and Palfinger Platforms HYDRIVE Engineering works on new methods to develop machines while reducing the number of necessary prototypes. The key to optimisation is called efficient software testing at HiL test rigs.
ESI SimulationX User Forum 2016 - Quelle: ESI ITI GmbH - Fotograf: Friedemann Thomas

HYDRIVE Engineering at the ESI SimulationX User Forum

On 24th and 25th November 2016 HYDRIVE Engineering again participated the ESI SimulationX User Forum at Börse Dresden.

Dynamic simulation – effective use in day-to-day development

Simulation tools are widespread in everyday industrial development processes. However, they will only make a useful contribution to development tasks if used effectively. Hydrive combines a methodical approach and outstanding technical knowledge with skilled use of tools to provide its clients with customised simulation services that enable products to be developed quickly and effectively.

Software-in-the-loop simulation speeds up machine control tests

For clients who find the hardware and software costs of “hardware-in-the-loop” technologies too high, Hydrive Engineering now offers “software-in-the-loop” testing procedures. This technique allows machine software to be tested without having to integrate electronic control unit hardware.

Developing and commissioning a concrete paver

The concrete paver was taken into operation after being successfully developed and commissioned with considerable help from Hydrive. It has now been in use on various construction sites for over six months.

Innovative control valve for hydraulic plain bearings

Novel hydraulic plain bearings are not only characterised by their advantageous bearing design, but also by the energy efficient, stable control of lubricant flow. Hydrive Engineering has developed and tested a valve for this purpose.

New modelling approach for evaluating shaft seals

Large ship drive shafts are sealed using special radial shaft seals, whose operating conditions are as complex as they are varied. Hydrive Engineering has conducted a project to develop a simulation model for shaft seals, in which it laid the foundations for a more precise way of simulating the dimensions of entire sealing systems.

3D Modelling of Hexapod Manipulators

Hydrive simulates Hexapod Manipulator to create a more mature prototyp and to minimize development time.

System optimisation of an active roll stabilisation

Hydrive Engineering develops simulation models that make coordinating and optimising active stabilisers in vehicles more effective.

New joint research and development project: proFAST

Up to now, most electronic control units and software were not tested until they had been installed in the real machine or prototype, which meant that testing took place rather late in the development process. For small and medium-sized manufacturers of mobile machines, this procedure is not just costly and requires a lot of resources, but is also fraught with risks.

Simulation models speeding up the development of shock absorbers

Hydraulic valve systems can help car manufacturers and suppliers to achieve complex vehicle functions, for example variable electric shock absorbers or active roll stabilisation system. However, such complex components have to pass functional and safety tests during the development phase.

Hydrive Engineering and ITI form a collaborative partnership

Hydrive Engineering GmbH has intensified its many years of collaboration with ITI GmbH. Thanks to its world-renowned, multi-domain simulation software SimulationX®, ITI is an international leader in virtual system engineering.

Hydrive at 15th ITI Symposium in Dresden

The 15th ITI Symposium took place in Dresden from 14th to 15th December 2012. There, Hydrive Engineering and KÖPPERN Aufbereitungstechnik reported on common, simulation based investigation for a risk analysis in their presentation “Intake Effect of Oversized Foreign Material in High Pressure Grinding Rolls”.

Hydrive Engineering develops customised valve design

Certain applications increasingly require hydraulic control systems with special functions. A wide variety of functions coupled with a compact design is usually only achievable with individually designed valves. Hydrive Engineering develops, constructs and tests innovative valve constructions which meet your needs.

Swivel drive for a hydraulic excavator

An automated software testbed for the simulation of electrical faults in the cable loom and their recognition by the control software was developed and built during the software development for a hydraulic excavator. This considerably reduced expenditure on tests for proving safety functions in the event of a fault.

Bridge hydraulics

A detailed simulation model of a lowering brake valve was developed for the analysis of the oscillatory tendency of a hydraulic bridge drive.

State theatre Dresden

The main valve stages in the low pressure water hydraulic system, which operates the three lifting platforms in the substage and is about 100 years old, had to be replaced due to heavy abrasive wear. The newly developed main valve stage with a nominal size of 100 mm led to a considerable improvement in positioning behaviour.

Hydraulic Steering system for drilling equipment

Different variants of a miniature hydraulic drive for steering drilling equipment operated underground were designed, analysed and evaluated with the help of the dynamic simulation.