Control system for a valveless wheel loader

Implementing energy-efficient drive technology in mobile machines reduces fuel consumption, cutting costs for users. To ensure acceptance, these new drive technologies must maintain the same standards of operability and machine performance that users are used to. This represents a huge challenge in terms of developing the control system, as in-depth understanding of machine behaviour and drive technology is required.

3D visualisation supports software development

As part of the joint project Developing Technologies for Energy-Efficient Drives in Mobile Machines Hydrive Engineering GmbH has added a 3D visualisation feature to a software test rig for the first time. The system’s particular advantage is that it is able to directly import data from the real-time simulation models of machines already available, eliminating an additional step in the modelling process.

New joint research and development project: proFAST

Up to now, most electronic control units and software were not tested until they had been installed in the real machine or prototype, which meant that testing took place rather late in the development process. For small and medium-sized manufacturers of mobile machines, this procedure is not just costly and requires a lot of resources, but is also fraught with risks.

Hydrive Engineering offers comprehensive testing possibilities for electronic control units

Control units, or ECUs, are very diverse. They are often distinguished by their varied functions and types, as well as their number of electrical inputs and outputs. However, they all have one thing in common: they have to undergo testing.

Hydrive Engineering and ITI form a collaborative partnership

Hydrive Engineering GmbH has intensified its many years of collaboration with ITI GmbH. Thanks to its world-renowned, multi-domain simulation software SimulationX®, ITI is an international leader in virtual system engineering.

Swivel drive for a hydraulic excavator

An automated software testbed for the simulation of electrical faults in the cable loom and their recognition by the control software was developed and built during the software development for a hydraulic excavator. This considerably reduced expenditure on tests for proving safety functions in the event of a fault.

Hydrive at 14th ITI Symposium in Dresden

The 14th ITI Symposium took place in Dresden from 30 November to 1 December 2011. There, Hydrive Engineering and QTronic reported on new, innovative software tests in their presentation “Extensive Testing of Heavy Machinery ECU on a NI VeriStand HiL using TestWeaver”.

Hydrive at 13th ITI Symposium in Dresden

Hydrive, TraceTronic and ITI will be presenting their co-operation project “A validation framework for the mobile machines industry” at the 13th ITI Symposium to be held from 24th to 25th November 2010.

Software testbeds with overnight service

As of today, Hydrive can set up software testbeds for you, as well as providing you with consultation and planning services. The Overnight Service provides testing facilities on in-house testbeds for the latest versions of your software. The rise in the number of electro-hydraulic drives, electronic controls and other electronic subsystems in mobile work machines as well as legal safety requirements call for new and efficient development processes.