HYDRIVE References

Additional traction drive for a construction machine

PLC & HMI programming | by Dr. Thomas Neubert

A hydrostatic additional traction drive which has to run synchronously with the traction drive of the machine under all operating conditions was developed from scratch for a grader.

Zusatzfahrantrieb einer Baumaschine

Automated function and fault recognition tests were carried out during the software development of a hydrostatic traction drive of a road-building vehicle, enabling a high level of software maturity to be achieved at an early stage.

HYDRIVE Services:

  • Analysis and evaluation of different hydrostatic drive concepts and different control concepts using simulation
  • Risk assessment of the entire machine and checks of the control concept with the help of an FMEA
  • Prototype testing and evaluation of test results
  • Development of a safety, diagnosis and service concept
  • Development of work and safety functions as well as fault handling
  • Checking the control concept with the help of an FMEA
  • Software development for the control unit (16bit-µC)
  • Prototype testing and evaluation of tests
  • Planning/setting up of HiL testbed
  • Creation/validation of a real-time simulation model of the vehicle
  • Creation of test cases
  • Automated failure recognition tests