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Flexible control system for a wafer handling robot

Electrical planning, wiring & switch cabinet construction, PLC & HMI programming | by Dirk Wehner

Hydrive has developed a flexible modular control system software for a triaxial wafer handling robot and successfully put it into operation, allowing the manufacturer Adenso to easily adapt the software to different robot variations. The very simple user interface reduces commissioning times and control adaptations to the absolute minimum. Jerk-limited trajectory planning makes it possible to reduce cycle times by more than 50 percent, which significantly increases productivity.

Flexible Steuerungssoftware für Wafer-Handling-Roboter

Uwe Beier, Managing Director of Adenso: “As the manufacturer of innovative handling systems for vacuum applications, we provide our customers with solutions that they truly need. Hydrive’s new software allows us to ensure that the design flexibility of our robots is consistently reflected in the control system. Our solutions can be quickly and easily adapted to meet the requirements of our customers.”

Consistently modularising the software on the basis of the IEC 61131 standard makes it possible to easily adapt software functionality to different construction and design variations in the robot system. As part of a larger automation plant, wafer handling robots are always connected to a master controller. A clear communication protocol makes it possible for the handler to easily command the robot while reducing the effort required for programming the master controller. EtherCat and ProfiBus are among the supported bus protocols.

The clear, simple user interface makes it possible to make adjustments to the control system without needing to change the software project. As an executable file all the service terminal requires is a windows computer with a TCP/IP connection to the control system. No separate display is needed.

“The service terminal is fantastic – clear and easy to use!” proclaims Uwe Beier after successfully commissioning a new variation of his wafer handling robot.