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Hydrive shows versatility in its next-generation hand-operated two-wheel tractors

Electrical planning, wiring & switch cabinet construction, PLC & HMI programming | by Anne Naumann

Agria has collaborated with Hydrive to develop the new 6400 series of two-wheel tractors. Within just three months, the engineering specialist Hydrive developed and fine-tuned a control system for the novel electric drive concept. Thanks to the confiding cooperation and the expertise of hydrives engineeres, we reached our goal: Agria was able to present the prototype of the 6400 model line at the trade show Demopark 2017 in Eisenach.

Neue Generation handgeführter Einachsgeräte

Solutions for a stable pilot run

From the prototype to the pilot run in only 3 months – that is quite the result of the collaboration between the two companies Hydrive Engineering GmbH and Agria-Werke GmbH. Within this short term, a variety of requirements had to be solved efficiently and professionally.

Hydrive is convinced that successful machine development always depends on a well deliberated concept. According to this requirement, the development project started with customer meetings to clearly find out their needs. On the basis of these intensive discussions, Hydrive was defined to take over the following tasks:

Designing a control system concept for the electrical power train basing on the developed operating philosophy. Building on that, the control software was generated. To ensure efficiency, Hydrive selected and examined the single components for their technical as well as their economical suitability.

While Hydrive Engineering was implementing the control system, initial operations of some components already have started. This ensured that the key components in particular were road-tested early on in the process. This allowed Hydrive Engineering to confirm that the components selected were suitable for series production.

The essential difference: a good system understanding

When implementing and optimizing the drive technology, the Hydrive engineers were able to lean on their solid understanding of the systems involved. This allowed Hydrive to respond to the complexity of this challenge shortly.

Ultimately, the understanding of the relevant systems made it possible to complete the variety of tasks described within the short time available. Working packages were implemented in parallel wherever possible. The various facets of the work fitted together perfectly.

Hydrive counts on longevity

Hydrive ensured the knowledge built up and put into practice was optimally transferred to the company Agria-Werke. Thereby the project leads gave Agria a satisfactory pilot run for the hand-operated two-wheel tractors. Consequently, the common objective of the Agria-Werke and Hydrive is to continue their close collaboration as partners. After the positive feedback at the trade show Demopark 2017 in Eisenach, an innovative and robust product comes on the market.