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Snow plough equipped with additional software functions

PLC & HMI programming | by Stefan Fuder

Machine control system software must be adapted in order for new functions to be added to existing machines. New software functions were required to be integrated into the existing control structure and taken into operation within a very short period of time.

Software-Erweiterung für Schneeräummaschine

At the customer’s request, Hydrive engineers integrated additional functions into the control system of a high-performance snow plough, which can clear areas at speeds of up to 50 km/h and has a clearing capacity of up to 8,000 t/h. In addition to implementing new machine functions in the software, the ECU network was extended to include a mobile control system. The menu navigation on the operating display was then updated to show the additional functions.

Due to the machine manufacturer’s very tight schedule, using Hydrive’s control system test rig proved to be very advantageous. Connecting the ECU network and the display to the test rig enabled all of the new machine and display functions to be efficiently tested before being integrated into the machine, which could then be taken back into operation immediately. Florian Rau from Aebi Schmidt Deutschland comments: “Thanks to Hydrive’s excellent cooperation, we were able to keep to our tight schedule for developing the machine.”