At Hydrive, we see ourselves as “research developers” because our years of industry experience enable us to work closely with our customers to develop sustainable cross-system solutions.

1000 Tests in einer Nacht für Feldhäcksler der Firma Claas

1,000 forage harvester tests in one night

Hydrive has helped Claas Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH with setting up a Hardware-in-the-Loop test bench for a forage harvester using Vector products, in addition to creating a library of individual test steps that can be combined to produce further test scenarios. Over 1,000 tests have been programmed so far.

Steuerung eines Valveless-Radladers

Control system for a valveless wheel loader

Energy-efficient drive technology reduces fuel consumption, cutting costs for users. To ensure user acceptance, these drive technologies must maintain the same standards of operability and machine performance.

Entwicklung und Inbetriebnahme eines Betondeckenfertigers

Developing and commissioning a concrete paver

This paver is used to construct large concrete surfaces, such as motorways and airport runways, with a width of up to 15 m at a speed of approx. 1 m/min. Over 20 different hydraulic drives and a sophisticated control system ensure that the paver produces high-quality surfaces in terms of flatness and roughness.

3D-Modellierung von Hexapod-Manipulatoren

3D Modelling of Hexapod Manipulators

A welding robot was designed as part of a project for the development of a novel geothermal drilling process, to position tubes reaching a length of up to 12m and bond them with a force of more than 2,000kN. To minimise the development risk for the welding robot based on a hexapod manipulator, Hydrive supported several project phases with extensive simulations.

Systemoptimierung einer Wankstabilisierung

System optimisation of an active roll stabilisation

Hydrive’s engineers have created a detailed simulation model of a pressure control valve for a client in the automotive supply industry. This valve is one of the most important components in an active roll stabilisation system for high-class cars.

3D-Visualisierung unterstützt Software-Entwicklung

3D visualisation supports software development

As part of the joint project Developing Technologies for Energy-Efficient Drives in Mobile Machines (Entwicklung von Technologien für energiesparende Antriebe mobiler Arbeitsmaschinen – TEAM), Hydrive Engineering GmbH has added a 3D visualisation feature to a software test rig for the first time.

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