HiL simulators for automated software testing

Our hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) simulators enable shorter release cycles because they are directly integrated into the development process through continuous integration – allowing new codes to be validated quickly.

Shortened development times

With our test bench solutions for automated software testing, the development time of the machine control can be significantly reduced. Compared to manual tests on the real machine, the expenditure is reduced from several working weeks to a few hours.

Continious Integration

Our test benches provide you with the necessary framework conditions for continuous integration of the machine software. According to the test manager’s specifications, the corresponding test stand configuration is automatically established and the software test is carried out around the clock.

Several thousand tests per day

At Hydrive, we design and build HiL test benches for several thousand software tests every day.They allow you short release cycles in the development of your machine controls.

More Features

Automated test protocol

With the help of the automatically generated test protocol, you can precisely and quickly analyse any errors that occur in the machine software.

Create test cases without programming knowledge

An extensive library of intuitively usable test steps is available for creating test cases. This enables you to carry out new test cases independently in the shortest possible time, even without programming knowledge.

100% reproducible test conditions

Our test benches enable you to have reproducible test conditions at all times. Both in the mapping of possible software errors and in their elimination, this accuracy is crucial.

Maximum safety

By using our HiL simulators for automated software testing, you ensure the reliability of your rapidly evolving software systems.

High test coverage in the shortest time

With our test benches, you can achieve a high level of test coverage for your machine software within a very short time.